Graduate studies

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  • Do I need a 4.0 as an undergrad to go to graduate school?
    No! The point of grad school admissions is to predict which students will thrive in our programs. When I review applications, I look not only at a student’s GPA, but also try to assess their ability to work independently, in the face of setbacks or open-ended problems, and creatively. Letters from former supervisors with whom you’ve worked closely are very helpful. When looking at a stuent’s transcript, I look not only at grades, but also what courses were taken, their relevance to my research area, and the level of difficulty.
  • Do I need a Master’s degree before I apply to a PhD program?
    No! Most PhD programs in statistics and computer science admit many students with a Bachelor’s degree. However, if your track record as an undergraduate is weak, completing a Master’s degree can make you a stronger applicant to some PhD programs.
  • Will I need take out a loan to get a PhD?
    No! Our PhD students are supported as research assistants, teaching assistants, and fellowships (see below). In these roles, you would have your tuition covered and you would receive a stipend. There are also many travel funding sources that cover the costs of attending workshops and conference in your field.

Graduate student fellowship opportunities: